Tarot Readings

Distance and In Person

I have been fascinated by the world of Tarot since my teens years-they are an amazing tool to help us live a more conscious life, helping us to untangle the subconscious mind through archetypal imagery and cues. You see the cards tell a story of the soul’s journey to enlightenment, and all the little day to day pieces of our lives!

I focus on distance readings to make it more accessible for all, but if we are in driving distance I am happy to meet for an in person reading too!

I offer online emailed classes to encourage your relationship with the cards.

In person classes will be held October 12th and November 2nd on the minor and major arcanas at Yoga with Love in Loch Arbor NJ.

December 6th I will be offering readings there for their holiday expo!

Travel Blog

Come share stories of exploration

Life’s stories and journeys are what we are aiming to share with you with our blog. A serious case of wanderlust has been with me my whole life, and my husband and I are nurturing that write about our experiences on this blog. We also welcome you to share your stories and ideas too to help us make this a wonderful virtual community!

Yoga & Meditation

Mind, Body and Spirit

Yoga is a life long practice that ebbs and flows with our lives and our needs.

Some days a gentle Meditation is what our yoga practice becomes, some days a vigorous fast paced asana practice is what is called for, and some days (for some of us) a practice to ready our bodies to give birth.

Having practiced for over 30 years and teaching for over 13, I hope to help you achieve what you're aiming for. Before our sessions we will discuss your wants, needs and goals to see how I might help assist you.

You can find me teaching yoga in Shrewsbury NJ on Thursdays at 9:30am…come and play on the mat!

Start your journey today and experience the benefits Yoga and Meditation have to offer.