Whether Your Buying or Selling a Home I Can Help You Move Old Energy Out and Replace It With New Balanced Energy, Through the Practice of Feng Shui.

Translated as wind and water, we work towards a fluid movement of energy in our homes. We work for personal balance from the outside in. Each corner or gua of our home represents an aspect of our lives, and with proper intentions, clearing and placement we can achieve the results we are looking for in our lives.

Feng Shui can be applied to any space for any reason... from your office desk to your home and the land around it. We can work on the whole house, or a certain area of our home to enhance that aspect of our lives. We all have felt when the harmony and engery in our home was off. Often the first step is to clear the energies of the home and any clutter that may be in the way of the energy flow. Furniture may be arranged differently to enhance the flow of the home and some things to balance the five elements may be added or taken away to create space that allows the energy to meander through. All of this will be done with discussion and thoughtful analysis and on your terms.  

When moving into a new home this is a great way to start to make it your own, and when selling a home it's also great way to make your home appealing to buyers. If you just want to make some gentle changes in your life — at any point, Feng Shui can help. Our lives are always changing, always evolving as are our homes. I look forward to working this ancient magic on your home!


The Balance Between Wind and Water-movement and Calm — Experience Feng Shui.


What to Expect

I will send you a questionnaire to help us define what your goals are. 

On the day we choose to work on your home we will discuss how each corner represents aspects of our lives, and decide how to best balance that and bring what you need into your life. We will discuss how the 5 elements play into this, and how to bring more energy to that part of your life, or tone it down. We may declutter and organize, and may decide to arrange furniture in some areas — we also may discuss colors choices.

Space Clearing may also be employed to give an energetic cleaning.