The First Step in Finding Balance and Clarity Is to Clear Out Old Energy.

Together we will discuss how we'll be clearing your home based on your needs and your intentions. From the beginning of its architectural drawings there has been energy attached to, and associated with your home. Previous residents leave their mark and we bring in our own. As we shape the energies in our home, it is always nice to start with a clean slate and bring in our intentions for our homes. In my present home, there was a lovely family, who treated this home with love while they raised their two children. We are empty nesters, so our energy brings with it a different feel — both good, both our own, for our own stages of life. Our spaces and our bodies hold onto energies from current and past events and experiences. I clear the energy in my home on a regular basis and can show you techniques to do on your own as well — any time you feel the need or desire to.

We may bring in some sage or palo santo to let the smoke clear the energy, we may use sound as well. As a Reiki practitioner I can also bring in Reiki energies to help balance the energies of the home for each of us. As always we will discuss your wishes and intentions for your home and how to best support that.


Start with Your Fresh Space Today!


When to Clear Your Space

  • Moving into a New Home
  • Selling Your Home
  • Attract Abundance and Prosperity
  • Illness and death
  • Bringing Furniture into Your Home
  • Divorce and Separation
  • Foreclosure and Short Sale