What to expect in a reading

Just as the sea reflects the beauty of the moon, the cards reflect what is in our subconscious. Tarot is a way for us to take a look at what is going in our lives in an empowered way. A way to ask the questions that will help us live with thoughtfulness. It does not predict the future, more likely it will show us where the path we are on will lead, and why, allowing us to embrace this direction or change it.

When we sit down for a reading, or we connect for a distance reading we will take a moment to center, and ground with a few breaths.

Readings often start with a short mind - body - spirit spread, just to connect with the cards, then depending on the question we will pull some cards, we will discuss the meaning of each card and how they relate to each other and to your current situation. In person or for a distance reading we can ask for deeper clarity too. In a distance reading there will be follow up via email.

Of course all we discuss and discover will be held in confidence.

Please note that tarot, and our readings do not constitute legal or medical advice or psychological counseling and are for entertainment purposes only.


Scheduling and policies

Distance readings will have a two day turnaround. And we will have a week following that to discuss any further questions. Most of my readings are done via email.

Distance readings are paid for when requested, in person readings are paid for at time of service.

In person readings are limited to my area-which may change due to travel.

My refund policy is that no refunds will be given once I have sent over the reading.


My mission as a reader

My hope with our readings is to help you connect to your true inner being, to live a more conscious and joyful life, and to navigate your transitions smoothly. Life has its phases, and I hope to help you move through the journey of life with grace.

The cards help us to slow down, to focus and to access our inner most workings and musings. Often we know the answer to the questions we ask if we just quiet the mind.

I have been using tarot since I was a teen, and have had so many wonderful teachers in my life help me hone this skill. I look forward to working with you.