My Background

I have been fascinated with metaphysics as long as I can remember and bought my first deck of cards in New Hope as a young teen. They were fascinating, and confusing and a puzzle to unlock. Flash forward to my 20’s, as a young mom, at the park pushing my daughter on a swing, I met a wonderful woman who was pushing her son on a swing, who just happened to be a knowledgeable reader, and intuitive. Life brings us teachers when we are ready. This woman grew to be a dear friend, and taught me so much in the times I got to share with her, and opened my world to so much. I still think of her when I read, and still hear her in my head at times telling the stories of the cards, how the layout tells a story if you can follow it. How to find the patterns in the suits and the numbers. I am forever grateful for her influence on my life!

I have gone on to study the cards for these past 30 years, adding to and growing what she planted. I have had many readings, and met many amazing people who helped me on this path. Readers who were certainly more advanced than myself, but who encouraged me to keep reading!

The cards have been an ever present friend, in good times and bad times.

In my mid thirties I chose to leave my marriage, and go back to school for healing arts-first becoming attuned in white light Reiki, then becoming a licensed massage therapist and yoga teacher. For many years this was my identity, my career, and I still do both, but on a smaller scale. After some injuries and some of the drama life brings us, (not the least of which was my step-father’s lengthy illness and passing), I needed to slow my roll, and the cards were and still are there for me, enabling me to stay connected to my spiritual practice and still help people on their healing paths. Tarot has brought me amazing insight, and some amazing people into my life.

I have always read for myself and for friends, and for the past few years I have been studying and doing on line readings with Biddy Tarot (a wonderful resource if you want to learn more about tarot) honing my skill even further! I find distance reading so clear! It is also something I can take with me while traveling-read for anyone from anywhere! So please don’t hesitate to reach out! If you have gone to our travel page, you know my husband and I are planning to go mostly nomadic sometime soon-long term trips to see this country first hand, but if we are in proximity I would love to meet you for a reading! I love to hear your stories, share glimpses of your life, and help unlock what is going on.

It is my belief that life is a journey that allows us to learn, grow and become more and more at peace with of ourselves. This journey has many layers of transitions, ups and downs, light and dark times. It is my goal to help each of us move with grace through these transitions. To tap into our personal truths and internal joy. Through various practices we can connect, pause and explore to find what we need to do to move forward.

The tarot cards encourage us to sit with our thoughts, the images on the card help to stir things and bring them to the surface, and the discussion we have furthers this.

Our yoga practice offers us the same opportunity to get more in touch with ourselves, as we work on the mat.

It is my intention to help you stay connected to the joy that life has to offer, to tune you into your quiet intuition and truth, and help you find and befriend your untamed, inner Self.